Stoked Zermatt Trail Running Camps

An unforgettable mountain running experience!

Coming to you this summer – two trail running camps like no other! At the foot of the iconic Matterhorn, Stoked, together with Chloë Lanthier will organise two Trail Running Camps. These camps will not only improve your running skills and knowledge about nutrition but will also encourage you to enjoy running whilst being surrounded by an amazing environment.

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The camps will focus on the following topics:

Training components of a Trail runner – making you fitter and more efficient

Prehabilitation – preparing your body for the movement and strain your muscles will go through during running, hence reducing the risk of injury

Trail running techniques on different terrain – with video analysis

Training Format – Distance, Time, Frequency

Food and Running – Learn about the importance of nutrition & hydration in running.

The Camps are conducted in English and are open to all runners that are interested in improving their skills and learn more about the ever growing sport of Trail Running. We suggest you can run 1.5 hours non-stop to benefit from this camp. The camps are non-competitive and lot’s of fun.


CAMP 2: Two days – Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd August 2014.

LOCATION: Stoked Bootfitting & Biomechanics, Bahnhofstrasse 72, ZERMATT, SWITZERLAND. Plus the running trails of Zermatt.



Hotel packages:

Hôtel Walliserhof ****

CHF 400.- per room in single room for one night/ extra night: CHF 150.-

CHF 450.- per room in double room for one night / extra night: CHF 200.-

Hôtel Alex****

CHF 435.- per room in single room for one night / extra night: CHF 185.-

CHF 530.- per room in double room for one night  / extra night: CHF 280.-

These prices include the registration fee for one person to our running camp, accommodation in single or double room, breakfast for one or two people.

(subject to availability)

Workshop Presenter:

Chloë Lanthier MS Sc/Human Performance and Biomechanics and elite athlete for two decades.

Chloë’s passion for education and human performance allows her to translate the complexities for human function into progressive and effective techniques.

She transformed functional and biomechanical understanding of the body into highly effective performance enhancement techniques and injury prevention applications. She has extensive experience working with athletes in the field of running, skiing, hockey and cycling just to name a few.

For further information on Chloë please visit her website:

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Workshop Organisers:

Stoked Bootfitting and Biomechanics

Stoked Bootfitting and Biomechanics is now in its 4th Year and has been growing a strong reputation since day one. Co-owner Michael Meier set up the professional bootfitting lab in Zermatt. He is joined by Maximilian Schubert to not only look after professional athletes that want to push their performance to the limit but also those who simply want to walk more comfortably and healthier through the day. Together they have extensive knowledge and a close relationship with physio’s, doctors and teams to bring the best service to their clients.

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