STEP 2 – Custom-made Insoles

Incorrect or insufficient foot support can lead to foot cramp, toe numbness and  possibly a burning sensation in the ball of the foot. Distribution of pressure along the sole of the foot can be improved with an individually tailored footbed to avoid overloading specific areas of the foot and ensuring good circulation. (Cold feet are often caused by bad circulation!) The foot works like a sensor; if the sole of the foot is entirely in contact with the boot, the feedback from the foot is optimised, force and weight will be distributed evenly onto the base plane. Through the latest techniques, exclusive materials from Sidas and the mould of your feet, the resulting custom made insoles are formed by hand.


Even the smallest defect in the position of your feet when fully weight bearing will have an impact on the skeleton of your body. Problems from your feet could lead up the body giving rise to disorders to your knee, hip, back or even your neck. Our hand-crafted insoles gives your feet the best possible support. This will help to relieve problems when standing, walking, skiing or running – which will all become more comfortable and pleasant!

Step 3

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