• “Michael - Thank you for your generous and incredibly expert help with my boots. You made a significant difference to my entire holiday!”
  • “Comfortable boots mean a lot to you when you’re skiing up to 40 hours in a week. Coupled to the fact that I felt I was able to push the skis harder means I’d give Stoked’s insole service a five out of five.”
  • “I always thought that my previous pairs of boots with custom insoles were top notch. I now realise just how poor they were and all thanks to a really skilled technician who could predict that my initial doubts would melt away as the boot literally became at one with the feet.”
  • “If you have ever had orthotics fitted you will know a pair of custom inserts can cost hundreds of pounds. Try Michael at Stoked and for that you get top-notch ski boots thrown in!”
  • “Michael, you are a legend! The first time since the last few years I could walk the whole day without pain. Thank you very much indeed.”
  • “Max – Just wanted to let you know I did 4 straight days of skiing the week before last in France and the ski boots were excellent, not a bit of foot pain at all. I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was only hoping there would be less pain, and didn’t expect not to have any issues with my feet. It’s made me excited about skiing again. So thank you very much, I am really grateful!!!”
  • “Max – Just to let you know that I had an excellent time skiing last weekend – the boots were just perfect. It is the first time for along time that i felt my skis responding to changes in the position of my feet and ankles inside my boots. I have obviously been wobbling around for far to long in my old boots. Thank you for your patience the other week.”
  • “Magic Max! Thanks Max, I was so pleased with the result, I just had to let you know. Many thanks for your expertise and patience.”
  • “Max – All in All this investment in the insole has been the best money I have ever spent. I will be returning soon for a second pair of insoles.”
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