Ski Boots & Insoles

Stoked offers you a large range of ski boots and will advise you on buying new ski boots and – or hand crafted insoles. In case you feel discomfort in your existing ski boots we are more than happy to adjust them for you.The boot transfers power and the technical movements you make directly to the ski. This will happen more effectively the better the fit is. The properties of the boot need to match the needs of the skier.

Pressure points which cause problems in the boot can be rectified by grinding or stretching to make a better fit, or for more problematic feet, foam liners can be used.

Watch the video to see how it is done:

For us, a well-adjusted fit means optimal power transfer and the highest level of comfort.

Incorrect or insufficient foot support can lead to foot cramp, toe numbness and a burning sensation in the ball of the foot.  Distribution of pressure along the sole of the foot can be improved with an individually tailored footbed to avoid overloading specific areas of the foot and ensuring good circulation. (Cold feet are often caused by bad circulation!)

Stoked Zermatt Ski Boots
Stoked Zermatt Ski Boot Fitting
Stoked Zermatt Ski Boot Fitting
Stoked Zermatt Insoles

The foot works like a sensor; if the sole of the foot is entirely in contact with the boot, the feedback from the foot is optimised and transferred directly to the ski and in turn the snow.

„Doesn’t suit“ – doesn’t exist

Know-how, quality and care – because your feet are worth it!

Your performance as a whole, encompassing you, your technique, your boots and your skis increases hugely with correct bootfitting.

Please note we operate an appointment system so preference will be given to those who have made an appointment.

We can also modify snowboard boots.

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