Travel Services

Zermatt is accessible from all directions and by many different ways. Possibly by helicopter or limousine-service – we offer you the most comfortable way to reach Zermatt. We are pleased to inform you about the best ways for you to travel to Zermatt.

Limousine service:

A limousine service is the only possibility without a change-over to reach Zermatt from your house door directly by car. Various vehicles can transport up to 14 people. A professional driver will pick you up when you wish and at any time.

Traveling times by road:

  • Zürich: 3 h 15 min
  • Bern: 2 h
  • Geneva: 2 h 30 min
  • Basel: 3 h
  • St. Gallen: 4 h
  • Milan: 3 h
  • Frankfurt: 6 h 30 min
  • Munich: 6 h 45 min
  • Lyon: 4 h
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Accessing Zermatt by Air is certainly the fastest way to travel. The helicopters from Air Zermatt can pick you up at any air or heliport, within flying distance, and fly you directly to the Matterhorn-village. Contact us for more information about flight times or costs of this exclusive way to travel.

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