Stoked Snowsports School

Thank you for your interest in joining Stoked. We are a team of young snowsports professionals with a passion for skiing and snowboarding. These passions are matched only by our desire to share them with our guests.

Ski and Snowboard School Zermatt
Ski School Zermatt
Ski and Snowboard School Zermatt
Snowboard School Zermatt
Snowboard Schule Zermatt
Ski and Snowboard School Zermatt
Ski and Snowboard School Zermatt
Ski Schule Zermatt

The School

Stoked was founded in 1994. It was initially a snowboard school, but it has continuously expanded and diversified since then. Today, the Stoked Group has four branches: Skiing (a ski school, shop and rental), Snowboarding (a snowboard school, shop and rental), Bootfitting and Experience (events). We were the first privately owned snowsports school in Zermatt, and we remain so. Our goal is to offer the best instruction to our guests and the best training to our instructors.

The Team

Our team is our strength. In winter, great ski and snowboard lessons are delivered every day by our instructors. This is why we pride ourselves in offering our the best possible working conditions and training to our instuctors. Our trainers offer you the coaching you need to make you a better rider and to further your career as an instructor. Besides training, Stoked has great infrastructure on and off the mountain. On the mountain, we have our own kids beginners area, a crèche, a storage room with teaching tools, gates and slalom gear. In town, we have our ski and snowboard school office, our ski and snowboard shop, and our bootfitting center.

We believe that these are some of the reasons that make Stoked the most attractive snowsports school to work for in Zermatt.

Update: Our fix team for the winter season 17/18 is already complete. We are still happy to receive applications for the high season dates 25.12.17-05.01.18 / 12.-16.02.18 / 26.-30.03.18 as well as 02.-06.04.18

For Ski Instructors please fill out the following  application form

For Snowboard Instructors please email your CV to our Snowboard Technical Director Marc Hunziker:

Our motto : Let’s get Stoked!

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