Michael has lived in Zermatt since 1994, the inception of Stoked! He took a break to go to London for a 4 year period in 2006 where he expanded his knowledge and expertise in feet and custom fitting shoes of all types. He brought his professional, expert, knowledge back to Zermatt in the Autumn of 2010. Michael has many regular clients, including well known World Cup & Olympic ski racers that count on his hand made insoles – you to can benefit from this knowledge and expertise and have stoked feet!

After finishing his education in Switzerland, Robin worked for several years in different ski resorts where he gained a lot of experience in the ski industry. When he met Michael for the first time he was really impressed with his expert knowledge, and knew, that one day he wanted to work together with him. Robin started working for Stoked in 2017, and immediately was trained by Michael. Robin already has had a lot of “happy feet” after his first winter season with Stoked.